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What we expect from you..

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What we expect from you..

Post  Console on Mon May 14, 2012 5:14 pm

Whether you have received this purely by merit,or your application was accepted, welcome to the team. You will have 1 month to be a mod, in which you have two available options: Make an application for admin, or apply for another round. Anyway, we would hope that the mods are mature, diligent, help people when needed, and do your duty. Failure to comply to this will result in a revoke. We don't care how long you have mod left, you will NOT have mod/apply for two months, and your bad reputation will continue to follow you.
Congratulations on getting promoted. You are the ones that will keep the mods in check, and if not doing their job, you should report it to a head admin IMMEDIATELY. You must also be active on the server (6x a week is fine.), as well as helping mods in their times of need (not RP related needs, but mod related needs, such as a help in situations.). Do not forget how a mod acts, because when they apply, your memory will serve crucial. Do not support them getting admin just because you've become buddies with them.
Head Admins:
You sir/ma'am, are the cream of the crops. You look over admins, mods, and every other player. You are the major factor in an application. You allow/deny people the rights to create an application. You also give permission to permanently ban a player. (Should have at least 6 bans before a perma is in order. if he/she is endangering the server aka "Im gonna ddos you lololol" they may be instantly perma'd.)
The owners run the server and code much of what you see today. They approve world events and keep it ready for when the time comes. We'll occasionally goof off every now and then, but we won't screw around the other players (not without their consent.)
Being a part of staff is not all "srs bsns". We can occasionally have fun without forgetting out duties. "AdminLand" is a world for staff to just relax until someone in the main world needs help.

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