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Laws of the land + ammendments

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Laws of the land + ammendments

Post  Console on Thu Apr 19, 2012 7:48 pm

This is the IOX minecraft server. We don't want to hear much about any other servers, INCLUDING ADVERTISING OTHER SERVERS.
1. No griefing
1.1: If you are found using a grief client, or any other client that is not vanilla, or a hack, you will be PERMANENTLY BANNED.

2. If an admin says not to do it, Don't do it.
3. Do not harrass others.
3.1: Racism will get you immediately banned.
4. Keep cursing to a minimum. There are kids! Surprised
5. No spamming.
6. Try to act as mature as you can. For example, I don't want to see someone using L337 $P34|<. Nor do I want to see anyone using "COD speak".
7. You may say the name of a server, but you should not give the IP.
Admin Rules
Congrats on being part of staff. We still have rules.
1. Don't abuse your powers. For example, doing something against the rules and saying that you're exempt from the rules 'cause you're mod, will get you demoted.
2. Staff are the one that can organize an RP event. For example, a zombie outbreak attacks the world! You may do something like that, but the event must start in a certain town, due to the fact that some people might be in the wilderness/mining/in another world.
2.1: The event may spread to other places, but MUST be watched over VERY CAREFULLY BY AN ADMIN+. Ask a Head Admin+ permission to create an event.
3. World events (events on another world) may only be created by Owners, but may be discussed by the entire staff.
3. Do not be biased. If your friend gets into trouble and you think you may be biased, ask for someone else to handle the sit.


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